Fully qualified or trainee driving instructor!


Eco Driven Driving School unlike some of the larger local and national driving schools guarantees you will learn with a fully qualified government approved driving instructor. Beware of phrase's like DSA approved, trainees are DSA approved!

Trainee driving instructors:
● Have a temporary six month licence to teach which means they could stop teaching you half way through your driving lessons.
● Maybe your first lesson learning is their first lesson teaching a learner!
● May only have done 4-6 months driving instructor training.
● Have not yet past the final exam which tests them on their ability to teach learner drivers.
● National overall pass rate for final instructional ability exam for the year 2004 / 2005 is 28%and it tends to stay roughly the same.

Why are Eco Driven different?
Not only are all our driving instructors fully qualified government approved, they also take a friendly patient approach to teaching you to drive, the more relaxed you are the more your learn. And if you enjoy your lessons, you will build up your confidence and you are driving skills more quickly, they're already experienced in teaching pupils with varying needs to drive so they won't be using you for practice.

● Eco Driven only use fully qualified instructors (passed all 3 exams).
● Uses a driver record Card to track progress.
● Adapts tuition to suit your individual needs.
● Gives you a full lesson of 1:1 tuition.
● Non smoker
● Mobile phone turned off during driving lessons


Driving lessons Portishead with Eco Driven driving school.